Alex Bukreev

Alex Bukreev


My name is Alex, I’m a bodyweight fitness and holistic health coach.

I’ve always been fascinated with using nothing but ones bodyweight to build a sculpted physique while developing incredible strength and functional power.

My journey in fitness started off in a gym lifting weights, but after acquiring many injuries through stressful weight bearing exercises, I decided to switch approaches.

Along with a growing distaste for the gym atmosphere and a need to develop a stronger foundation in my body I looked for something lower impact that would allow me the freedom to workout anywhere.

That’s when I started to develop a system using only bodyweight.

This functional method of training not only allowed me build incredible resiliency in my joints, tendons, and other connective tissue, but I started seeing results I was never able to accomplish in the weight room.

I was able to do this all while having a ton of fun and a lot more freedom of where I worked out.

I’ve trained countless clients in this system to transform their bodies and achieve strength that they’ve never thought they were capable of.

Most of my training involves nothing but a little bit of space, a pull-up bar, and a pair of gymnastics rings.

When I discovered the gobeast pull-up bar, it became my go to piece of equipment for all my workouts.

I could train inside or easily take it apart and go outside to enjoy training in the fresh air.

It also allowed me to bring a complete gym to any of my clients without the need for them to buy equipment.

The GoBeast pull-up bar has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for my training and has made it more accessible than ever.

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