GoBeast Pull Up Bar Free-Standing Dip Station, Portable Power Tower Home Gym Equipment with Storage Bag and Downloadable Exercise Manual, Red Black


GoBeast Pull Up Machine (B07282J2MZ) (646819984072)

Possible Exercises with your Pull Up and Dip Bar 

Close-Grip Chin Up the reverse grip targets the biceps, front and side delts, and the inner lats

Close-Grip Pull up bar Targets the muscle groups to the side and rear delts, upper trap, lats, and minimal biceps. Forearms stabilize the movement

Wide-Grip Rear Pullup Targets the inner traps, rear delts, and lats. Targets some of the harder areas to hit in the back

Incline Press Up Applies the push aspects, targets the triceps, chest and front delts

Decline Press Up Targets the triceps, chest, and front delts. This forms the bulging front shoulder

Leg Raise a core stabilization exercise that targets the lower and upper abs and hip flexors, the delts and trap for stabilization

Body Twist Knee Raises Hits the upper and lower abs, as well as the obliques. Stabilization targets delts & trap

Bodyweight Triceps Extension needs great core stabilization. The triceps and front delts are primary targets

Push Up Targets chest, all three delts, as well as the trap and lats. Triceps a secondary target

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#1. Save Time & Money, Beast your Biceps and Triceps at home with over 35 exercises. Allows you to develop powerful defined arms and core muscles while working out at your own leisure, no need to go to the Gym every time you want to work out.

#2. Dismantles into smaller tubular lengths so you can easily store it at home or your car so you can take it with you and workout on the GO! Get ripped anywhere!

#3. Comes with a large storage bag with a shoulder strap so that you can easily take it anywhere you like. Going around to Bret’s or Bethany’s to workout together? No problem just grab the bag and go. Providing you’re not too weak to carry the 46lbs inside.

#4. Big Guys, Big Girls, Don’t sweat we got you all too, the machine has a max user weight of 300lbs/150kg. If you’re bigger than that then sorry you need a fixed machine not a portable 1, but we hope to see you back here soon.

#5. If your still here then you have already made it further than 90% of your competition, this shows your willing to go the extra mile and take action, if you’re ready to start working out anywhere anyhow then there is 1 thing left to do and that’s make the purchase! Good Luck we appreciate you!!!

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