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I was scared reading though all the low star rateings. I went ahead and purchesed it! Here are the pros and cons.
PROS: height wise it's spot on for me being 5'9 . Came with a list of movements for it. It is about 40 lbs so it's easy to move short distances. Very easy to take apart and put back together . I weigh 210 lbs and I was afraid of wobble , there is slight wobble but nothing that will hinder me. The one i got was not used ( as far as I can tell), and the pins fit great albit you have to turn the pipes a little to get it right.
CONS: Box it came in looked like crap. One of the parts where scratched. You have to make sure the bottom (black and orange) bars are connected they slowly slide apart. You'll need to buy floor padding so it will have traction. Slides like crazy on carpet.

Overall it is worth the money for me at least I would recommend.


My GoBeast was delivered very fast. Yeah, the box that it came in was open and falling apart from the ends because the bars are heavy, and the box was only held by one thin piece of tape. However, the item itself was in brand new condition. I received all the locking pins, nothing was missing. I put the thing together right away to check that everything was okay, and have to say that this thing is awesome. The metal tubes are heavy. When putting the thing together some tubes don't seem to fit, but in my case it had to do with the angles as the tubes connected with each other. Once things were lined up correctly everything fit properly, and all the locking pins fit right in.
I was skeptical at first because of reading about missing locking pins, and things not fitting properly or at all, or that the station was too flimsy. But, after testing it, I was satisfied with the purchase. Yes, there is wobbling, but with proper form the wobbling is cut way down, and the wobbling doesn't affect performance at all. I was also very surprised that I received the latest model which I had just read about from a competing brand just days ago. Also, I think that it's perfectly fine for someone up to 6'1 and 200lbs. It can handle heavier weight definitely, but for someone taller than 6'1 it might need making some adjustments to certain exercises because it's not very high when assembled.


Considering many of the reviews, I took a gamble ordering an Amazon Warehouse used-very good GoBeast. I was fully prepared to return it if I was not able to align the pieces and get the pins to insert correctly. I was very pleasantly surprised to discover that everything went together with very little effort. I'm pretty sure I could put it together blindfolded in less than 5 minutes. Wobble? What wobble? I am 6 feet tall, so it will take getting used to crouching instead of reaching to begin my pull-ups, but the moves are the same once you are mounted. This is the perfect piece of strength training equipment for full-time RVing since I am mostly in the same place for at least a week or two at a time. I'm diggin' it massively! I do think that I'll buy some pool noodles to cut apart and wrap around the pieces to help save the paint when packed into the oversized carry bag.

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